If you're searching for a challenging, high-quality and gorgeous puzzle, you can't go past Eurographics.

      Eurographics has been producing products enjoyed by keen puzzlers the world over for decades now. They know exactly what puzzling enthusiasts are looking for and constantly deliver with their range of engaging, challenging creations.

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      Hobbyco stocks a comprehensive collection of Eurographics jigsaw puzzles in Australia, suitable for all ages and abilities. Shop the full range online today! 

      What Are Eurographics Puzzles?

      Eurographics puzzles are the perfect combination of fun and high quality that make an ideal puzzling experience. The company has been producing high-quality puzzles since 1987 and grew from small beginnings to become one of the world's most widely recognised puzzle brands.

      Eurographics puzzles feature thick, durable interlocking pieces combined with vivid imagery to create beautiful works of art across 300, 500, 750, and 1000-piece sizes. 

      Professional and amateur puzzlers alike can enjoy Eurographics puzzles as either a challenging or a leisurely way to spend the afternoon. 

      What Types of Eurographics Puzzles Are Available?

      Hobbyco's collection of Eurographics puzzles includes challenges perfect for everyone from beginner to advanced puzzlers.

      Some of our most popular puzzle products include:

      Davison The Country Shed

      With 300 extra large pieces, The Country Shed is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Piece together a beautiful image of a quaint country shed complete with gorgeous flowers, cloudy blue skies, and a few animal friends.

      Unicorns in Fairy Land

      A slight step up from The Country Shed, Unicorns in Fairy Land is a 500-piece family puzzle that depicts a number of fantastical creatures exploring a wooded wonderland.

      Tigers Eden

      Celebrate your love for all things big cats with the Eurographics Tigers Eden puzzle. At 500 pieces, this puzzle is an enjoyable challenge filled with brightly coloured animals and beasts. 

      Submarines and U-Boats

      If you're a fan of model kits, you can take your passion one step further by giving this 1000-piece Submarine and U-Boats challenge a try. Recommended for slightly more advanced puzzlers, it features over two dozen battleships with specifications and detailed imagery. 

      The Earth

      Few images are quite as striking as that of the Earth. Now is your chance to recreate our home in a beautifully detailed puzzle form with this 1000-piece challenge. 

      How Many Pieces Are in a Eurographics Puzzle?

      Hobbyco's collections of Eurographics puzzles include sizes ranging from 300 to 1000 pieces. 

      If you're not a particularly experienced puzzler, start with a 300-piece challenge, like the Davison Old Country General Store. Alternatively, if you're looking for a true test, consider the 1000-piece Chagall Le Bouquet de Paris

      Are Eurographics Puzzles Random Cut?

      There are two different types of puzzles — ribbon cut and random cut. Ribbon cut puzzles have pieces of a similar shape that line up in a neat grid pattern. Random cut puzzles, on the other hand, don't follow the same grid design. Each piece is individually shaped, meaning that many people find this style of puzzle to be more of a challenge than its ribbon cut counterpart.

      Eurographics puzzles are a mix of random and ribbon cut. Check the product page for each puzzle for more information, or contact our customer service team if you have any specific questions. 

      Where Are Eurographics Puzzles Manufactured?

      The Eurographics headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada, where the product development, sales, graphic design, and customer service teams are all located.

      Eurographics prides itself on delivering high-quality products to customers and has stringent quality standards in place to ensure this occurs.

      What Are the Benefits of Doing a Eurographics Puzzle?

      Completing a Eurographics puzzle can provide numerous benefits, from improving cognitive skills to reducing stress. By stimulating your mind and engaging in challenging activities, mental and spatial skills can be improved while you're having fun.

      Puzzles can also help improve problem-solving abilities, as well as enhance your creativity. Participating in puzzles provides an excellent way to spend time with friends and family, too — a shared experience of getting all the pieces to fit together! All in all, completing a Eurographics puzzle is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and reap major rewards from elevated mental abilities.

      How Long Should It Take Me to Do a 1000-Piece Eurographics Puzzle?

      If you're an avid puzzler, a 1000-piece Eurographics puzzle, like the Chagall Le Bouquet de Paris, makes for an excellent challenge. 

      Depending on your puzzle-solving prowess, you can probably complete a 1000-piece Eurographics puzzle within a couple of days — or even hours, if you approach it in the right way. 

      The key to tackling this type of puzzle is to think strategically before diving in; start off with corner pieces, or use the picture on the front side of the box as a reference to sort pieces into colour-coded piles. Not only will it provide visual clues that help with piecing together the solution, but it'll also give you a look into what the finished puzzle will look like once fully completed. 

      With patience and dedication, tackling a 1000-piece Eurographics puzzle can be a fun and engaging way to spend the afternoon.

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