For History Buffs

At Hobbyco, we've carefully curated an extensive selection of hobbies and collectables that let you relive, recreate, and celebrate the incredible stories of the past. From iconic historical figures and events to the grandeur of architectural marvels, we've got it all.

Model Kits

Unleash your inner craftsman with our historical model kits. From the mightiest ships to legendary aircraft, recreate history's most remarkable moments in intricate detail.

Model Trains

All aboard! Our model train collection features locomotives, carriages, and railways from bygone eras, taking you on a journey through the golden age of steam and beyond.


Travel through time with our diecast cars, bikes, planes, and more. Impeccably detailed, they're perfect for those who appreciate the evolution of automotive history.


Piece together the past with our historical puzzles. Step into ancient worlds, reassemble iconic art and uncover hidden secrets through stunning imagery.


Rebuild history brick by brick. Our historical LEGO sets include famous landmarks and architectural wonders in intricate detail.