For Pop Culture Fans

Calling all pop culture enthusiasts and collectors, Hobbyco has crafted a world of possibilities just for you! Whether you're a fan of iconic anime, the magic of Disney, the thrill of Marvel and Star Wars, the enchantment of Harry Potter, or simply love fantastic collectables, we have something extraordinary to feed your passion. .

Anime Figures

Get ready to embark on a figurine adventure! Our extensive collection features intricately detailed and hand-picked figures from your favourite anime, movie, and game franchises. These collectables are more than just decorations; they're a window into the worlds you adore.

Classic Board Games

Rediscover the timeless pleasure of classic board games. From chess to Scrabble, these games provide a wonderful escape into friendly competition and cherished memories.

Dungeons & Dragons

Our D&D collection includes starter sets, essential kits with everything you need, character folios/useful guides to unravel the secrets of the D&D universe, and more. Explore this legendary realm and start your own saga.


Relive the magic of constructing your favourite scenes with LEGO sets. Create captivating landmarks, legendary starships, or charming characters, brick by brick, in our LEGO universe.


Join the fun with our pop culture puzzles. Dive into the iconic scenes from your most cherished movies and shows as you assemble intricate jigsaw puzzles that bring your fandom to life.